Medical Equipment

Home Medical Equipment is a family owned and operated business that has been open for business for over 40 years. Steve Helfan and Alicia Helfan Hubbard run the company with pride by offering their patients medical equipment far below the retail pricing. We have the ability to offer these low prices because we buy overstock and overruns which we then pass on directly to our patients. At home medical equipment, we strive to offer patients the products they need to live comfortably in their own home.

Home Medical Equipment carries many products ranging from oxygen equipment to hospital beds at an affordable price. We offer several different brands of wheelchairs for those incapable of walking as a result of an injury, or with a debilitating sickness or disability. Wheelchairs are medical equipment that can help people with these conditions feel better about themselves by allowing them to be more independent. All of our medical equipment provides freedom and lessens the burden of stress and sadness that can accompany our patients’ situations. We strive to help patients get out and experience the world regardless of what ails them.

Here at Home Medical Equipment, we are here to help you get out and be active again. Our agents will take great care in making sure the patient knows how to properly use, set up and maintain all of the equipment to put the patient and their family at ease. Our main focus is about providing the best customer service and best prices available for all your medical equipment needs. We both sell and rent medical equipment. If you only need an item a short amount of time while recovering, we can rent it to you.At Home Medical Equipment, we also are able to help determine if insurance will cover the cost of the items you need. If we don’t have it, we will get it for you! If you need it delivered, we can do that as well! It is our mission to bring the hospital room to your own home and make the process as smooth as possible!

Our customer service agents will assist you in finding the home medical equipment that is right for you. We know you will be happy with our medical equipment because we provide high quality and personalized responsive services to a wide variety of people. Our experience with all types of medical equipment has given us the ability to help all types of people know matter their condition. Home Medical Equipment is your trusted source for over 40 years for the best prices on all your medical needs.

Give Home Medical Equipment a call today and let us know how we can help you towards your path of better health.