Mobility Scooters in Hollywood, Florida – Buyer’s Guide

Are shopping for a mobility scooter in Hollywood, Florida? If so, Home Medical Supply and Equipment’s experts are here to make the process easy, safe, and affordable.

The first thing to consider are the types of mobility scooters.

Three Categories of Mobility Scooters:

  • Travel size scooters: these scooters can easily be taken apart, are lightweight, and easy to store. This type of scooter is best if you’re driving a lot and need assistance over short distances. Usually a slow to medium speed scooter best suited on pavement or in stores.

Go-Go Sport.png


  • Full size handicap scooters: these scooters have large electric motors and batteries that can propel you over longer distances. They are also better off road in grass or hard dirt paths. However they may have navigation challenges indoors or in tight spaces. Unlike travel or foldable scooters, these usually require a special van and ramp, or a rack that attaches to a trailer hitch.

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  • Heavy duty scooters: these chairs have the largest motors, speeds up to 40mph, and are capable of riding over more challenging surfaces. Loose dirt, grass, and incline sidewalks are often no challenge for a heavy duty scooter. As a larger scooter, these also require large vehicle or rack to transport them.

Pursuit Sport 36 Volt.png

When shopping for a mobility scooter in Hollywood, Florida be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How far does the rider need to travel?
  • Over what terrain?
  • How long of battery life do they need?
  • Can I fold the scooter and put it in my trunk or do I need a travel rack?
  • How fast does the scooter need to go?

If you ask these questions, you’ll easily be able to find the right scooter in Hollywood, Florida to fit your needs. Call the experts at Home Medical Equipment & Supply at 954-983-6523 with any questions!